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  • Garden Furniture Care Guide

    If cared for correctly, you can enjoy your new garden furniture season after season. Read our guide below on how to best care for your investment so you can enjoy it for many years to come.

    Wooden Furniture

    Our range of wooden furniture tends to be made from hardwoods such as Scandinavian Redwood & Eucalyptus. These types of woods feature loads of great properties, but most importantly they are naturally resistant to moisture, which makes them perfect for outdoor furniture pieces. You should be able to leave your purchase untouched and untreated for many years, although this may cause warping, cracking and expansion, and we suggest following the advice below.


    A low maintenance addition to your garden, we suggest that each year you give your wooden furniture a good scrub with soapy water, followed by a deep rinse. Doing so will help to restore the timber's natural surface and remove any algae build up or black areas which may have occurred, especially if your furniture has been exposed to the elements or placed under trees. During winter, we recommend that you store your furniture under cover or in a dry place such as your garden shed or garage. This helps to protect the structure, and also the appearance of your furniture. If it does begin to look weathered, you can restore some of the original colour by gently sanding your furniture, followed by applying several applications of Hardwood Furniture Oil or Teak Oil. You can repeat this process as many times as you like throughout the season, starting from when you first purchase your furniture, it's a great idea to do this before you expose your furniture to the outdoor elements.

    Woven Furniture

    The majority of our Rattan Furniture range is made using a poly-rattan weave. This is a synthetic, or man made wicker which looks just as good as the real thing, but has many more advantages, particularly for outdoor use. For example, poly-rattan is able to withstand weather conditions much better than the real deal, although not waterproof, it is more resistant to tears and UV rays. 


    Easy to care for, if your furniture becomes unclean, simply use a pressure hose on a low setting. Throughout winter, or particularly bad spells of weather, your furniture should be stored under a protective weather-proof cover or in a dry place such as your garden shed or garage. This protects the weave, and also the metal frame within.

    Metal Furniture. 

    Aluminium & Steel

    The most commonly used metals in outdoor furniture, these materials are extremely versatile, often lightweight, and durable. 

    Cast Aluminium

    One of the best value options for money, this material is extremely versatile and also resistant to rust. 

    Wrought Iron

    One of the heaviest metals on the market, our wrought iron furniture range is heavy, and the most wind-resistant option.


    Caring for your metal furniture is generally quite easy, gently wash with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth and warm soapy water. Anything abrasive could scratch the finish. 

    The majority of our metal furniture features a powder coated finish, this is added to metals to prevent rusting, however if the surface is chipped, or becomes exposed to particularly bad spells of weather, rusting may still occur. If this happens, to prevent the rust from spreading, top up the paintwork with a car or metal paint in a matching colour.

    You should always store metal furniture in a shed or garage during winter to prevent damage in high winds and also to protect the frame. If not possible, store your furniture under a weather-proof cover and aim to secure it to the ground. 


    The majority of our patio furniture comes with a tempered glass table top, this type of glass is much tougher than regular glass and it's the safest option too - when breakage occurs, the glass breaks into small cubic fragments which are less likely to harm individuals. Although 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass, it's not indestructible either. 


    The key with tempered glass is to always handle with care, you can clean it regularly using soapy water with a soft sponge or non-abrasive cloth. 

    Note that extreme temperatures can cause thermal shock, which can in turn lead to stress and shattering. Don't place very hot or cold items in direct contact with the glass surface, instead use tablecloths, placemats or coasters to protect it. Make sure it's not exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight, move it to a shaded area when temperatures are likely to be at a high.

    Garden Furniture Accessories. 

    Garden Furniture Cushions

    Our cushions and seat pads are finished in a variety of textiles, and sometimes the care requirements can vary for these - please see our product descriptions for specific instructions. Designed exclusively with comfort in mind, our cushions can begin to fade if exposed to too much sunlight, so we recommend removing and storing these when not in use. 


    Wipe clean with a damp sponge.
    Store in a dry place or under cover when not in use.
    Do no leave out in the rain.

    Do not store in polythene bags as they may then develop mould.


    If your parasol gets wet, leave it open to dry out. They should always be taken down and stored in high winds throughout winter. They should also be protected with a weatherproof furniture cover during bad spells of weather. 

    Furniture Covers

    Our range of weatherproof furniture covers are made from a polyester material, with a PVC backing and finished with a UV treatment. These materials work well in outdoor settings because they are resistant to stretching, abrasions and mould & mildew. They're also lightweight and flexible.
    To clean, use a soft bristle brush and soapy water to lightly scrub the surface.