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  • About Azuma

    What is Azuma's philosophy?

    Azuma was created to open the palace of your mind - your inner being.

    The ancient name of Japan is ‘Azuma’ (meaning ‘East’)

    It’s philosophy; a combination of peace attained from hard work.

    Azuma means independence and an entitlement to the finer things in life because they are earned.

    The versatility and restless nature of Azuma involves doing everything to the best of your ability and not settling for substandard.

    That’s why we feel our name fits us so well; we are always striving to seek something new and are rarely satisfied.

    Our products have to stand the test of time yet still give the same satisfaction from the day it was discovered by you, our customer.

    Azuma too, is about earned relaxation and calmness.

    To know the meaning of relaxation is to have attained a true pinnacle in life.

    Without the ability to relax one will never know what calm is, and how wonderfully warm and rewarding it feels.

    Let your mind be free and let us help with Azuma.