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Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ.
Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ with lid open.
Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ and grill.
Azuma barrel wood chip smoker charcoal BBQ.
Azuma barrel smoker BBQ with burgers on the grill.
Side of the Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ.
Back of the Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ.
Alternative side of the Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ.
Azuma smoker BBQ with wood chips in smoker chamber.
Wheels on the Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ.
Azuma barrel smoker charcoal BBQ temperature gauge.

Azuma Black Steel Charcoal BBQ With Food Smoker Chamber

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Nothing says summer quite like the sizzle of burgers on the barbecue!

This summer, why not cook all your favourite foods on our amazing charcoal BBQ and smoker from Azuma. This classic barrel shaped BBQ features two chambers - one main chamber for grilling food over charcoal briquettes and a smaller side chamber for smoking low and slow with wood chips.

You can grill fish, meat, vegetables or poultry on your charcoal BBQ smoker. Give it real depth of flavour with the type of wood chips you use.

There are many kinds of wood chips you can try, including oak, hickory, pecan, maple and apple. Each has its own characteristics that'll work well with different kinds of foods. If in doubt use oak wood chips as they're not too overpowering. They'll give your food a nice medium to strong smokey flavour.

The temperature gauge on the lid helps you keep an eye on the heat you're cooking at. If it's a bit too hot, you can adjust the small air vent on the side of the smoking chamber to allow air flow. It also comes with a shelf for resting tools on and a lower rack for storing all your condiments, bread and rolls.

To Clean: Always remember to leave your BBQ to cool completely before cleaning. Empty ash and charcoal debris from both chambers. Use warm soapy water and a scrubbing sponge or brush to clean grease and food remnants from the grill. Rinse and leave to dry.

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- Azuma smoker charcoal BBQ
- Classic drum shape
- Black heat-resistant coating
- Adjustable vents and lid
- Secondary smoking chamber for wood chips
- Inner resting tier to cool cooked foods
- Front shelf for resting tools
- Lower shelf for storing condiments
- Wheels for easy transportation
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Product Measurements:
Complete dimensions: W125 x H134 x D70cm
Large cooking chamber: W68 x 39cm Dia. 
Small side box: W38 x 28cm Dia.
Lower storage rack: W67 x D36cm
Front storage shelf: W63 x D23cm
Wheel diameter: 25cm

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Jacqueline W.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Fantastic smoker used Xmas day look forward to finer weather to use it more

Daniel T.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Good Starting Point

As a BBQ this will work well and looks the part. As a smoker it is let down by the gaps in the metal. Can't complain about the thin steel as this is reflective of the price which is good and as expected however the gaps in the lid when closed wasn't too good, quite disappointing in this aspect as I expected gaps but not to the point I could put my fingers through. This will most likely be a fault with the item I bough and the tolerances used when manufacturing however its still disappointing when parting with your hard earned money. I smoked up some ribs for around 5.5 hours as my first cook and they turned out ok. I found it hard to regulate the heat which the gaps wouldn't have helped however this may have been down to the windy conditions which aren't ideal for smoking. Anyway, to sum it up as a smoker (which is why I bought it) it is a good starting point however is let down by the fact its opening mechanism is a split half barrel rather than a hatch (actually thought the split was of benefit prior to buying). With the split in the barrel you get gaps around the opening when closed. I have since modified to try reduce heat loss but still, not idea. Three star to sum up the purchase.