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Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ.
Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ lid closed.
Front of the Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ.
Back of the Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ.
Inside the Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ.
Details on the Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ.
Wheels on the Azuma steel barrel charcoal BBQ.

Azuma Black Steel Barrel Shaped Charcoal BBQ Garden Grill

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Sizzle up your favourite foods this summer with our heavy duty charcoal BBQ from Azuma. This classic oil drum shaped charcoal BBQ is suitable for grilling your food the traditional way, giving a distinctive smokey and flame grilled flavour to burgers, sausages, veggies and fish.

The barbecue is really easy to light. It only needs approximately 40 minutes to heat your charcoal bricks to the ideal cooking temperature. The heat of your grill can be adjusted by opening or lowering the lid, and by adjusting the fan shaped vents at either side to increase or reduce air flow.

Our barrel BBQ is styled with black heat-resistant coating and has a strengthening bar between the legs and fire bowl. Finished with Azuma branding and a wooden handle on the lid. Use the front shelf and lower tray to keep your tools to hand and store condiments, bread and rolls.

To Clean: Always remember to leave your BBQ to cool completely before cleaning. Empty ash and charcoal debris from the fire box. Use warm soapy water and a scrubbing sponge or brush to clean grease and food remnants from the grill. Rinse and leave to dry.

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- Azuma barrel charcoal BBQ
- Classic oil drum shape
- Black heat-resistant coating
- Adjustable vents and lid
- Inner resting tier to cool cooked foods
- Front shelf for resting tools
- Lower shelf for storing condiments
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Product Measurements:
Overall Size: W80 x H104 x D42cm 
Front Shelf: W61 x D20.5cm 
Cooking Area: W59 x D40cm 
Fire Box: Dia.38 x L66cm
Cooking Grill in 2pcs: W59 x D40cm (5mm dia. with enamel finish)
Cooling Rack: W59.5 x D18.5cm (4mm dia.)
Charcoal Grill: W61.5 x D25cm (4mm dia. with electrophoresis finish) 
Leg Dia. 32mm x 0.8mm
Plastic Hollow Wheel Dia. 14.5cm